Anna Tarnopolska
EMS fitness studio
"Implementation of new advertising strategies, where one of the requirements was to update the website, increased our sales by 8 times!"
Lev Fainveics
Business Education Plus, organization of business seminars
"There is a flow of potential customers, which is profitable, and investment pays off. We work with the promotion of business and specific events on social networks, as well as website-related issues. We started cooperating with corporate website improvement through websites and Internet advertising. We continue cooperating. Value for money is fully justified. We recommend."
Sergej Voroncov
Interior design and custom furniture
"When I needed to create a website for my new project, I turned to Nauris for help, who I met in the business club BNI. During our meeting, Nauris asked me about the field where I worked, desired results and goals in great details. I was surprised that Nauris was able to notice and offer things that I hadn't thought about at all. I bought more than just a website."
Nikita Avdejev
Owl Gym fitness club
"Vienam no maniem Online produktiem Nauris sakārtoja piezemēšanās lapu, apmācīja veidot reklāmas Facebook un Instagram, kā rezultātā pie investētiem 160 EUR reklāmā, pēc nedēļas sasniedzām 500 EUR apgrozījumu. Kompleksā pieeja, Naura darbs un padomi man palīdzēja būt lietpratējam arī Naura jomā, jo Nauris ne tikai dara labu darbu, bet arī izglīto savus klientus."
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Are there sales managers in your company?

Are there sales managers in your company?