6-step strategy for effective customer acquisition on the Internet
Is this how your way looks like attracting new customers on the Internet?
With this e-book, I will show you how to do this:

What does an entrepreneur usually start his path with in digital customer acquisition?

Social networks are probably in the first place.

I even recently had a conversation with a well-known entrepreneur who wanted to start attracting customers in the digital world. The conversation started as follows: "Nauris, I need to create a Facebook page and publish something every week, pay for publications - I want to attract customers."

I replied, "Wait, wait! Did I understand correctly that you think that customer acquisition is all about creating a page, creating publications and Boost Post?"

Informed: "Well yes ..."

But it is not so!

Yes, the existence of soc. networks is needed, but in this book we will talk about effective, automated, and ultimately systematized customer acquisition.

Therefore, creation, organization, visual identity, content of social network accounts are not what to start with. Great enthusiasm working with social networks without a clear purpose and understanding of attracting digital customers will not work.

You need to create a website and / or landing page quickly, "pack" a product, collect as much information as possible, especially about how great it is and fits everyone. But you still need to think for months about the visual style, the usage of different elements, size of shapes, etc.

Is the situation familiar?

I have to admit that I made this mistake very often, suffering great financial loss in the search for the golden mean.

But will you believe me if I say that what your website looks like doesn't matter at all?

If not, then I will prove it in this book and show that there are more important things related to a website than design and its outlook.


There are social networks. There is also a website / landing page.

What is next?

You need to invest money in marketing. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Boost Post etc. You need to pay for incomprehensible indicators that do not reflect the essence - return on investment. Because digital marketing provides this transparency.


We found out how to measure return. But there is no return.

And then it started.

"There are no customers on the Internet. Digital marketing is not effective." etc.

But why are there those who succeed and have the result? Where is the magic? Is there a different product? More followers?

No. And we will figure it out soon.
And then all the other starts ...
4. You start looking for information on the Internet what to do to bring results from a website and internet advertising

5. Then you give up and start looking for a team of competent specialists who are result-oriented and deal with the interests of the client

6. You still do not understand why you did not succeed, but competent specialists are successful

And you don't have to be understood if there is someone to entrust customer acquisition on the Internet!
Let's have a look how these steps look like in a different way

Does it look safe?

And everything seems logical and I am not trying to say that all this is not necessary, but ...

All you have to do is to understand and identify priorities that are based on the first basics of marketing

But such an approach can collapse easily - even with a small mistake!

Because it lacks STRONG BASICS to hold on!
And these basics are ...


Or segmentation of target audience and its in-depth analysis

This is how an EFFICIENT customer acquisition system structure looks like

The mistake is that without knowledge everything starts from the other end, but it will not work!

Segmentation of target audience and the importance of its in-depth analysis are obvious: by analyzing the target audience properly, knowing its pain and needs, you will understand where to look for these people, how to attract their attention and how to interact with them to motivate purchases. It will be much easier for you to set up advertising campaigns, create layouts and write texts.

80% of the entrepreneurs, I communicate with on a daily basis, show their negligence towards the analysis of target audience. Moreover, they believe that this issue has been resolved for them. Can you answer honestly that you know your customers and understand their needs and problems?

The main currency of any business is customer knowledge - this is the No. 1 priority of every business. Not content, not information, but customers. How do they spend their free time, what do they watch, what do they like and don't like, what do they expect and what do they want to change in their lives?

Let's look at all 3 blocks in details


f you talk to everyone - no one will listen.

Describe your customer's profile in details as much as possible.

If you still think that ALL customers are yours, then change this situation urgently.

The easiest way to do this is to define who is NOT your customer. Think about how many situations you have had in the company, when there was contact with customers, who ruined your day.

Isn't it so that something unites all these customers? Character? Solvency?

Cross out the ones you don't want to work with and focus on your ideal clients. With those with whom you enjoy cooperation.

It is not arrogant to admit that you want to work with a solvent audience.


You have to find one problem, need and / or pain that they want to solve and are ready to pay for it. Sell the solution, not the product.

A person buys a drill, not because he needs a drill - he needs a hole in the wall to hang: a painting, a clock, a map, etc.

If you have defined the problem of the audience and you have a solution of that problem, people or potential customers will want to get it.

Present the solution of the problem accurately and clearly - the customer must understand that you have it.

As specific as possible, without unnecessary information.

Give them a discount or some other benefit to attract new customers.


Create a product that can solve some of the BIG problems quickly and separate solvent customers from everyone else.

The content should be interesting for the customer to leave their contacts in exchange for it. If the free product will give a good result - the customer will think that the paid product will be also qualitative. The main thing is to prove it by deed.

A low-cost product must have strong benefits to make the customer want to buy it.

With the received knowledge about the customer - we are building a landing page, where the information about the solution of customer problems will be based on the analysis of the target audience.

The main aim is to get people to leave their contacts in exchange for a free product and add to the database of potential customers.

In order for the database to turn into solvent customers, it can be processed in various ways - with e-mail marketing, call center involvement, sales managers, remarketing, etc.


This can be achieved quickly and effectively with paid advertising on the Internet. The most important thing at this stage is to install the system on autopilot so that it works even when you don't work.
At what stage is your business at the moment? Have strong foundations already been built?
Platforms that will help to install customer acquisition on autopilot


One of the most effective ways to reach a SOLVENT AUDIENCE and automate customer acquisition.


IProbably the best website builder you have ever seen. The value exceeds the price. It can be integrated with the other platforms that are on the list. Tastefully designed landing pages from beginner to advanced level.


An excellent email marketing platform that allows you to create additional touchpoints with the target audience and automate customer acquisition systems by segmenting groups of audience


CRM platform for incoming potential customer flow processing, which allows you to build and automate sales processes within your company, optimizing the work of the sales team.
Benefits of implementing automated marketing systems in your company
Customer acquisition 24/7/365

An automated marketing system works regardless of the day of the week and time of the day. It works on holidays, at weekends, in the morning and in the evening. You control the flow of potential customers yourself..

Clear costs for each attracted customer

When you are working with marketing systems, all investments are transparent, which is appreciated by any entrepreneur when he is working with digital marketing and customer acquisition on the Internet.

Invested money €€ = Earned money €€€€

Taking into account that you know how much one attracted potential customer costs, you have a great opportunity to understand and count how many out of 100 potential customers you can engage in sales - accordingly, how much money was received in terms of sales. In this way, you clearly understand the return on investment, which helps to predict future sales.
Screenshot from Dr. Mauriņš vein clinic Ads Manager Account. During the day, 58 potential customers were attracted, where each customer paid € 2.62
Creation of a database

Working with a database is a story about building relationships with customers. This story is similar to building a relationship between a man and a woman, where there will be nothing without both short-term and long-term relationships. As between a man and a woman, ONLY LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS bears fruit, and the same happens between business and potential customers. Therefore, working with the existing customer database will give you the greatest benefit from existing customers, which will turn into repeated sales, which will generate revenue and profit for the company. In turn, work with a database of potential customers is able to sell to those customers for whom the solution of the problem was not required immediately. And it is normal that the solution of the problem RIGHT NOW is only needed by 8%-10%. For others, it will take weeks, months, and even years. Therefore, work with both the current and potential customer database will provide long-term unimaginable fruits for generating the company's profit.

Arrangement of marketing and sales processes

No matter how many entrepreneurs I communicate with on a daily basis, 80-90% of these things are left out of order. Everything is on a sensory level, without specific numbers.